Hello! I'm Kay.

I'm here to help older adults make better use of technology.

About Me

I'm a 30-something problem solver, who wants to be of service older people. Using my tech-savviness is the best way I know how.

I grew up with computers and the internet and have a knack for systems. Somehow, I understand why something does not work and know what the likely solution is.

If you're curious about my professional history, jump over to my LinkedIn page by clicking this link.

My Service Promise

Sincere Care

Caring for you is not an add-on to my services, it's the reason I provide it. My knowledge of technology just happens to be the most practical and best way I know how.

No computer speak

When we work together, we will use everyday human language. No computer speak! In plain English, I'll tell you what the issue is and how I plan to fix it.


I am not a big business. I purposely spread out my home visits to give you all the time we need. If you'd like, I can stay for a cuppa and a chat after we sort out your issue.


Fixing tech issues over the phone is simply ineffective and frustrating. That's why I go to you.

You don't pay if I can't help

You only pay if your issue is sorted. As easy as that.