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better get KAY is a one-woman operation with a singular mission: improve older adults' lives by improving their experience and day-to-day use of technology through providing kind, caring, and friendly tech support.

My vision:

More older adults like you making the most of the technology you already own so you may:

  • Strengthen your social connections

  • Discover new ways to enjoy your hobbies and interest

  • Keep you active and participating in the community

The more active you are online, the more we can learn from you.

The Better Get Kay Promise

Gold Ribbon

Caring for you

Caring for you is not an add-on to my services, it's the reason I provide it. My knowledge of technology just happens to be the most practical and best way I know how.

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No computer speak

Making sure you learn how to handle the issue in the future is important to me. When we work together, we will use everyday human language. No computer speak! 

Pouring Tea


I am not a big business. I purposely spread out my home visits to give you all the time we need. If you'd like, I can stay for a cuppa and a chat after we sort out your issue.

Scandinavian Style Dining ROom


Fixing tech issues over the phone is simply ineffective. And going out of your way to visit Telstra or Apple does not guarantee your issue is resolved either. That's why I go to you to give you in-home, face-to-face service.

Gluten Free

You don't pay if I can't help

You only pay if your issue is sorted. As easy as that.


I'm Kay.

Good to meet you.

Kay smiling at you

Think of me as your tech-savvy younger friend who's always keen to help you with your tech issues.

I am a digital native; I grew up with technology. This means solving tech issues that can frustrate older adults can be a breeze for me.

I once was a data analytics project manager. My responsibility can be distilled down to being the interpreter between technical data analysts and non-tech speaking clients.

Being a project manager also means I had heaps of computer and phone hours. I know how to work a Mac and a PC, an Android and an iOS, and programs from Microsoft Word to SPSS Statistics.

I also hold a bachelor's degree in business (University of the Philippines) and a master's degree in marketing analytics (New York University).

Mano Po 
my guiding principle

​"Mano po" combines the words "mano" (hand) and "po" (added to signify respect) to mean "Your hand, please." It is a simple Filipino rite where one bows one's head, takes an elder’s hand, places it gently upon one's forehead, and utters "mano po."

It is a simple yet a meaningful outward display of our deep respect, honour, and value for our parents and the elders in our community.


If you have met a Filipino, I'm willing to bet they're either a nurse, a carer in and aged-care home, or a service industry worker. The principle of Mano Po drives us Filipinos to be of service - and to provide service respectfully, graciously, and gladly.

I am a recent Australian and always have been Filipino. The principle of Mano Po lives in me, and I must care for the elders around me.

My knowledge and skills of technology (and my love for zooming around in my scooter) is the most practical way I know how to.