Service Fees

The fee structure is straightforward. There's an hourly rate of $79.99. If we go beyond the hour, it's pro-rata ($19.99) per 15-minute chunks.


When you pre-purchase a monthly package of 4 hours, you receive a 10% discount.

The most important bit - you're only charged when I'm able to help.

woman on a landline phone smiling

5-minute help

Let's sort out your issue over the phone in less than 5 minutes at no cost to you, whether you're an existing client or not.


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in home service

We use the hour as you need: fix an issue, install and set up, and/or training.


Beyond an hour, it's pro-rata  per 15 minutes ($19.99).


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4-hour pack

I'll pop over for an hour per week for a month, fortnighly for two months, or we can use all 4 hours in one go. It all depends on your need.


Fee Estimate


In most cases, an hour is more than enough to fix an issue or complete an installation and setup. But to avoid surprises, you'll be provided with an estimate before I pop over. During the visit, you will be informed well in advance when we need more time than estimated.


Should we go beyond the hour, it's $19.99 per 15-minute increment.


No Fee

We will try to resolve your issue over the phone first. As well, if upon my visit I'm not able to help you, there's no fee at all, and I will find someone who can help you.